Exhyperstore is a subsidiary of RealTime DC Ltd. As well as offering intrinsically safe hardware, we also offer software solutions to use with the hardware. RealTime DC specialises in providing mobile software solutions and all the support and training needed to implement these systems. RealTime DC can offer mobile data capture solutions for almost any industry. Some of the areas RealTime DC covers are are health and safety, asset management, location services, proof of service, audit control, security patrols and ERP integration. 

Partnered with AMG Actuators, RealTime DC have created the RealSafe solution. RealSafe is a RFID solution working on intrinsically safe devices. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a means by which items can be identified, tracked, catalogued and interacted with in an array of different scenarios including for asset management, standard compliance, safety measure implementation, automatic audit trails and more.

These added benefits are achieved through installation of RFID tags onto the desired valve, actuator, pump, flow meter or other piece of process equipment; then using an intrinsically safe handheld and our software program, these pieces of equipment or ‘Assets’ can be fully managed.

All of this management can be carried out in real time, giving fast and accurate results. With the ability to add or remove assets when necessary, your asset management will not only be up to date, but it can grow with your plant or asset register when required.

Should you want further information regarding RFID tagging, asset management or implementation of RFID in your plant, factory or other site, please feel free to contact us.

Safe-D Lock


Operating on a handheld device it is designed for recording the status of the valve and supporting supplies when maintaining it or section of plant.

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Safe-D Key Cabinet

AMG Actuators in partnership with RealTimeDC Ltd have designed and implemented the Safe-Dsolution. To Compliment the Safe-D range of Partial Stroke Device (PSD)and the Isolation (D-Lock)device , AMG have developed a bespoke range of key cabinets to hold the specific key for each operation.

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